Welcome to the world of Water Resistant Laminate Wood Flooring.1st time in Sri Lanka. full-service provider of all types of flooring and other surface finishes

Our Team

We push each other to be the best on behalf of our clients. We understand the great things that each individual on our team can accomplish, and we strive to sustain that greatness. We stand by each other in the best and worst of times. Our loyalty to one another and to our clients is reflected in the solutions we create and the strong relationships we build.

Why Inovar Floor?

With more than 15 years of experience and extensive R & D efforts behind us PLUS a SOLID Direct Manufacturer Warranty for YOU, the question is really “why not”? Inovar Floor is also affordable, highly durable, versatile and beautiful. It installs easily and quickly and can be maintained just as easily for years of warranted enjoyment. Time-saving, cost reducing, design-enhancing. . .

why not Inovar Floor?

why not Inovar Floor?

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